Derating Curve

Environmental Characteristics
Item Specification Test Method
Tol.≤0.05% Tol.>0.05%
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance AS Spec MIL-STD-202F Method 304
Short Time Overload ΔR±0.05% ΔR±0.5% JIS-C-5202-5.5
RCWV*2.5 or Max Overloading Voltage, 5 seconds.
ΔR±0.5% for high power rating
Dielectric Withstand Voltage By type MIL-STD-202F Method 301
Apply Max Overload Voltage for l minute
Insulation Resistance >1000M Ω MIL-STD-202F Method 302
Apply 100VDC for 1minute
Thermal Shock ΔR±0.05% ΔR±0.25% MIL-STD-202F Method 107G
-55°C~150°C, 100cycles
Load Life ΔR±0.05% ΔR±0.2% MIL-STD-202F Method 108A
RCWV, 70°C, 1.5 hours ON, 0.5 hours OFF, 1000~1048 hours
>7KΩ ΔR±0.5%
ΔR±0.5% for high power rating
humidity (Steady State ) ΔR±0.05% ΔR±0.3% MIL-STD-202F Method 103B
40°C, 90~95%RH, RCWV 1.5 hours ON,
0.5 hours OFF, total 1000~1048 hours
ΔR±0.5% for high power rating
Resistance to dry heat ΔR±0.05% ΔR±0.2% JIS-C-5202-7.2
96 hours @ +155°C without load
Low Temperature Operation ΔR±0.05% ΔR±0.2% JIS-C-5202-7.1
1hour, -65°C, followed by 45minutes of RCWV
ΔR±0.5% for high power rating
Bending Strength ΔR±0.05% ΔR±0.2% JIS-C-5202-6.1.4
Bending Amplitude 3mm for 10seconds
Solderability 95%min coverage MIL-STD-202F Method 208H
260°C±5°C, 2±0.5(sec)
Resistance to Soldering Heat ΔR±0.05% ΔR±0.2% MIL-STD-202F Method 210E
260±5°C, 10±1 second
Remark: Storage Temperature: 25±3°C; Humidity < 80%RH
How to Order
AR 06 C TR C3 W 6800
Part Number
Dimensions (L×W)
01 0.58×0.29mm EIA0201
02 1.00×0.50mm EIA0402
03 1.60×0.80mm EIA0603
05 2.00×1.25mm EIA0805
06 3.00×1.50mm EIA1206
13 3.10×2.40mm EIA1210
10 4.90×2.40mm EIA2010
12 6.30×3.10mm EIA2512
Resistance Tolerance(%)
T ±0.01%
A5 ±0.05%
B ±0.10%
C ±0.25%
D ±0.50%
F ±1.00%
P Bulk
TR Taping Reel
C7 ±5ppm/°C
C6 ±10ppm/°C
C5 ±15ppm/°C
C3 ±25ppm/°C
C2 ±50ppm/°C
Power Rating(W)
T 1W
U 1/2W
O 1/3W
V 1/4W
P 1/5W
W 1/8W
X 1/10W
Y 1/16W
Z 1/32W
4R70 4.7Ω
1000 100Ω
6800 680Ω
4992 49900Ω
1003 100000Ω
Standard Marking for E96/E24
N No Marking

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